AIA M-10 infomation

    I read many shooting magazines from around the world and I came across this advertisement in an Australian magazine. It shows what must to be the current AIA M-10 range being produced.

    I scanned it into the computer. Click the image below to enlarge it.

    Aia Ad Compressed

    Australian International Arms (AIA) calls the M-10 the the 5th generation Lee-Enfield, read more about it here.

    I fired up Skype and actually tried calling one of the Australian companies at the bottom of the advert to see if I could get any more information about the rifles. Unfortunately after trying two numbers I realized my rough timezone calculations were a bit off. Checking a timezone website confirmed this!

    It is a pity they do not offer the 7.62×39 version anymore. Not at all practical but a 30 round AK-47 magazine on a bolt action rifle would be … unique! Although the special edition M10-B3 that has a M134 mini-gun barrel is very cool 😀

    I have no new information about their availability in the US.

    A photo of the M10 No4 MK4 Classic:

     Albums Y17 Marlon1985 Marlonwithno4Mk4

    A photo of the M10-B2 Match:

     Forums Icons Forum Pictures 000674 674275

    Some more photos:
    Picture 18-2

    Picture 17-2
    Picture 16-2
    Picture 20

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