Breaking News: Blackwater ‘arms smuggling probe’

    Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Blackwater employees have been supplying the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) with weapons. The PKK are labeled a terrorist group by the US government.

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    In July Turkey complained to the US that they had seized American made weapons from the PPK.

    Two former Blackwater staff have already pleaded guilty to another incident of weapon smuggling.

    Blackwater had this to say:

    Allegations that Blackwater was in any way associated or complicit in unlawful arms activities are baseless. The company has no knowledge of any employee improperly exporting weaponsThere is no indication that the weapons stolen… ever ended up in Iraq.

    My Opinion: Thousands of US weapons have ended up on the Turkish blackmarket. It is not unfeasible that some of these were bought by the PPK. It would not surprise me if these accusations are yet another attempt by the Iraqi government to increase pressure on Washington in order to force Blackwater out of Iraq.


    International Herald Tribune

    Steve Johnson

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