The Gun Nut: A Sympathetic Place For Us Southpaws

    David has written a post about Safari Outfitters Ltd. who produce left hand custom big bore rifles.

    Safari Outfitters Ltd. Is a high-end gun store in Salt Point, NY, that is owned by Niles Wheeler. Niles is one of the finest human beings in the world, shoots left-handed, and has a soft spot for the directionally challenged. There are almost always a couple of nifty left-handed rifles (and sometimes even shotguns) in the racks, and since he knows a lot of sinistral shooters, he can often get hold of something left-handed when others can’t.

    Below is a photo of the custom .416 Taylor rifle he is referring to in his post.

    Custom Rifle 5-2616 1

    Read more here.

    Steve Johnson

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