Photos of firearms being destroyed

    We have all seen the photo, I can’t remember where it was taken, of guns lined up on a road ready to be crushed by a steam roller. I always feel sad looking at the destruction of firearms. It is usually the old guns that would be valued by collectors around the world that are surrendered, not the military style semi/automatic used by the militants and war lords. I have been reading the long 196 page South Pacific Small Arms Survey, which I am going to write a blog post about. Here are some photos of firearms being destroyed in the Solomon Islands.

    This photo shows the dumping of 2000 firearms into the sea off the capital of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, in June 2002:

    Picture 16

    This photo appears to show the stocks being burnt in the Solomon Islands in June 2002:

    Picture 17

    I support the disarming of the militants in the Solomon Islands who are destroying the country, just as I support the disarming and elimination of the militants and war lords in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the disarming of civilians that I find worrying. The below photo is a Solomon Island militant:
     Media Images 38647000 Jpg  38647781 Gunman300Ap

    Steve Johnson

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