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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

We have all seen the photo, I can’t remember where it was taken, of guns lined up on a road ready to be crushed by a steam roller. I always feel sad looking at the destruction of firearms. It is usually the old guns that would be valued by collectors around the world that are surrendered, not the military style semi/automatic used by the militants and war lords. I have been reading the long 196 page South Pacific Small Arms Survey, which I am going to write a blog post about. Here are some photos of firearms being destroyed in the Solomon Islands.

This photo shows the dumping of 2000 firearms into the sea off the capital of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, in June 2002:

This photo appears to show the stocks being burnt in the Solomon Islands in June 2002:

I support the disarming of the militants in the Solomon Islands who are destroying the country, just as I support the disarming and elimination of the militants and war lords in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the disarming of civilians that I find worrying. The below photo is a Solomon Island militant:

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Cymond Cymond on Mar 08, 2009

    The difficulty comes in differentiating between civilians and militants at a policy level. It's like the old Viet Nam cliche (I'm far too young to have been there myself, so all I know is from documentaries and bad movies). The problem is that the militants often look like civilians until they start throwing lead at you.

    I am always hurt by the destruction of firearms though. My personal collection is severly hampered due to financial difficulty. Whether it's food or guns, it always hurts to see anything good go to waste while there are people who do not have enough.

  • Solomon warrior Solomon warrior on Feb 01, 2014

    this is a quite late reply to this article.. but i must point out how confused and hypocritical the author is , a typical example of an american way of thinking im sad to say..
    "i want it if its good for me, if another person wants it it dosnt matter, my ideas are the correct ones. i have rights those rights are not for other peoples or cultures.. they just apply to me"

    I also must apologize for my harsh comments, i have nothing against the author. but the comments are warranted.
    i understand it is the culture and upbringing that may develop this hypocritical way of thinking not the individual them selves...

    ok. these people who the criminal government in the solomons have call militias and who their friendly benefactors the australian government have been able to internationally label as criminals....
    are infact the native poeple of this land.. they are warriors fight for their rights their eternal and infallible rights to be masters of their land and to defend them selves and their land with lethal force. never to be a slave of another or be dispossessed..

    in the western mindset brainwashed by governments and media-
    land is not important
    -your ancestors are not important.. and you can submit with ease. you can let a foreign people come to your country disrespect you and take your land and you dont fight..

    you should be sending these people guns so they can overthrow this government, fight the Australians and expel the invaders from their lands..

    these images are a disgrace, a man should never ever surrender his weapons . never.

    the militias you speak of are two large ethnic groups from the islands. we are fighting a war of colonization as one group has been migrating to the others island and taking control of their land and using this to try to manipulate the other group into servitude.. the other group in turn has been attacking the settlers and this is the situation,

    neither group is totally innocent.. but the settlers must go , they have their own land and island to live. or they can live in the towns freely.

    so this is the situation they are not militias.. they are nations of people who have take up arms to protect their land their nations and people as custom dictates...

    alas since the australian invasion this has not fixed the original issue of the settlers..