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John Wayne 100th Birthday Commemorative Ruger New Vaquero .45 Colt Sixgun by Jeff Quinn

He has inspired patriotism when it was sorely lacking in our country. Before we go into the life of John Wayne too deeply, let’s look at the gun that Ruger has created as a tribute to the one hundredth anniversary of his birth.

Howa Axiom .308 Winchester Bolt Action Precision Rifle by Jeff Quinn

I like rifles, especially very accurate ones that are made for making that one carefully aimed, precise shot. Some call them sniper rifles, some call them tactical rifles. I despise that word “tactical”, as it has been overused for years, but is a good label for selling stuff to shooters. Legacy Sports, the importer of the Howa, is marketing the rifle as the Varminter, and it is also chambered for several other cartridges, but in .308 Winchester, it is very well suited to the role of a police sniper rifle.

I have not had a chance to use the Axiom stocks but from what I have seen and read they do a great job of reducing the recoil. Videos of the stocks can be viewed here.

Savage Hunter’s Edge Fixed Blade Knife by Jeff Quinn

For some reason, gun people seem to accumulate knives….

A Look at Military Options by R.K. Campbell

I am not talking about nuking Iran or moving the fleet. But I am very interested in the new military handgun selection process. The news that the establishment may adopt a new handgun has been met with intense interest. More than a few makers have tooled up for a special model for the military tests.

I am very interested in the outcome of this selection process. All pistol enthusiasts benefit from such ‘competitions’. Even if the military concludes that none of the contenders are good enough to replace the Beretta, the innovation means better guns for all us in the future!

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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