Chinese .45 ACP Mauser Machine Pistol

    A very interesting article about the Chinese .45 ACP Broomhandle.

    Review of Mauser Machine Pistol:

    A famous design in its own right, the C-96 Mauser “Broomhandle” was extremely popular with the Chinese. Since the C-96 was considered a highly effective fighting weapon, Yen had no desire to replace the it with another design. So instead he offered a cash reward to the workers at his arsenal to produce a C-96 chambered for the sam e .45 cartridge as their Thompson. And so one of the rarest and most exotic C-96 variations was born, the .45 Shansi Broomhandle.

     Images3 C96-3 Images3 C96-10

    While on the topic of broomhandles here is a short video showing a select-fire broomhandle being fired on full auto, enjoy:

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