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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

No Longer Trendy: The .300 Weatherby :

First, the .300 Weatherby has committed the cardinal sin of becoming old. Introduced in 1944, commercial ammo was first available in 1948, which makes it either 63 or 59. Some cartridges, like the .45/70, are so old that they become trendy by dint of their sheer age. The .300, however, falls into that netherworld where it is Old News.

Some readers commented:

The reason why I don’t own a Weatherby is the price of ammo, especially empty cases for reloading. If Weatherby think there products are so great to have the highest price and that’s been on the market over 40-50 some odd years, they can just keep their golden idol! – Clay Cooper

Marketing : rename it “Weatherby 3000”. write W3K on box, make packaging metallic green or blue (put cool sci fi or monster scenes on box) – Jeff Nelson

[From David E. Petzal – The Gun Nut]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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