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14731141_539231666283067_2149814859593870086_n Capture Image source: berettaforum.net, user "mithrils" Shooting in Kuwait silkworms .22 1895 US Army Experimental 635714301594220050-HX3A7988 m9pistol-army Those of you who guessed "more than $2" are correct. QGW1ekj 13043767_10209335467454123_4371648151036717547_n BCX306-R-F3-L cliu1esady3twb6ipclq

BREAKING: Army Chief Seeks Purchase of Glock Handguns Instead of MHS, but Is There an Alternative?

After criticizing the Army’s Modular Handgun System program last week, Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley spoke again about the program, further refining his desire to select not just any new pistol, but specifically to piggyback Army purchases of new handguns [Read More…]

Capture cq2TAVp 101st-Sig A US Army Ordnance engineer fires the prototype T47 rifle on fully automatic. Note the grimace of the man as he wrestles with the small arms equivalent of a fire hose. Image source: firearmsworld.net, original source LIFE magazine 9809Combat_Diver-114 aai_acr-4