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Taran Tactical

Load 8 & Shoot 8 Shotgun Challenge

Keith Garcia posted this video on July 21. He is practicing with his Benelli M2 which has been modified by Taran Tactical. He loads 8 and shoots 8 shots in 4.92 secs. I just received a new Benelli M2 from Taran Butler at TTI. He did his quad load package on it and [Read More…]

Will Smith Working With Taran Tactical

Colion Noir posted this video on his Facebook page. It could be training for the upcoming 2016 movie, Suicide Squad, where Will Smith will be playing Deadshot. Will Smith just released a photo of his costume for the movie. Does anyone recognize that handguard and muzzle [Read More…]

Fast Duel Shooting Steel

Taran Butler goes up against Bob Vogel at shooting some steel plates. They challenge each other. Taran literally shoots from the hip and gets some impressive hits and time. But Bob Vogel is no slouch either.