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Capture SW-Model-625-with-two-speedloaders 1944_izhevsk_mosin_nagant_m91_30_pu_sniper_by_plutonius-d5klewj Capture Capture 2248e8c664e6e8327a85476eb731f8e8_large
soccer ball gun

Soccer Ball Gun

No offense intended to our European, South American, African and Asian readers, but I find it really difficult to get excited about the game of soccer, although if they adopted this German’s invention I think I would take up the game … In other news, the [Read More…]

silencerco_octane_home vest Norinco Type 97 Bullpup

IWI Tavor Videos

Two new Tavor videos hit YouTube showing off this increasingly popular firearm.  The first is a professionally produced video from ZAHAL and IWI.  This video uses the full auto X95 version of the gun and runs it through some water and mud testing. The second video is [Read More…]


The AN-94 Assault Rifle

The Izhevsk Shooting Club has produced a high quality seven part video series on the disassembly and reassembly of the AN-94 rifle. Unfortunately it is all in Russian, but most TFB readers will be able to follow what is being explained the first four parts of the [Read More…]