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Review: LaRue MBT Trigger

LaRue Tactical, a high-end manufacturer of resetting target systems, Quick-Detachable optic mounts and AR precision rifles, began producing their own 2-stage trigger design in 2015. Named the MBT-2S, the new LaRue trigger kit is made for the AR-15 and AR-10 style lower [Read More…]

14344076_10157333973790018_4047276676982320768_n 748-001 Capture CMCTriggers-new-AK-Trigger 635714301594220050-HX3A7988 Timney Drop-in AR-15 Trigger Released hammer 24100565369_41abb1f685_o2 fstick1 8715478 20151122_163547 Capture HIPERFIRE_ECL 2223643 The screw on the right hand of the trigger would allow you to completely disassemble the trigger. Its always covered when installed, so its not backing out. Still, recommend blue Loc-Tite. IMG950242.1 Straight-Trigger-300x300 Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 4.58.54 PM Apex-FFT-2wlogo 1 Tavor Trigger Pack DSC_0553

Sidelock Glock Safety trigger

A new safety trigger for the Glock has been launched by American Tactical Imports From the press release SIDERLOCK® from American Tactical Imports is a security trigger designed for GLOCK® pistols which replaces the original trigger to offer a safer and more [Read More…]


Walther G22 trigger job

ExistingThing has a very cheap solution to the Walter G22 (.22lr bullpup rifle) trigger problem. The Walther G22 has a terrible trigger, lots of take up, and a very mushy break. I saw it as an opportunity to practice my trigger control, and got pretty good with it. [Read More…]


the $0.25 Glock trigger job

I came across an article showing you how to make the Glock trigger pull smoother and well as showing you how to detail strip a Glock. I have not tried this. What we are going to do here is to polish (not alter) some parts to make the trigger pull (which admittingly is a [Read More…]