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Tactical Wood from Schultz & Larsen

Never heard of Schultz & Larsen? They are a Danish rifle and silencer manufacturing company founded almost a century ago in 1919 For those looking for a different “Tactical”, let us introduce the the Schultz & Larsen Tactical. According to the Danes, [Read More…]


Tacticool for Life: ESA Ukraine and Instructor Sem

If there’s one thing it might have been nice to not witness it’s the rise of the Tactical EVERYthing in the gun industry. Don’t misunderstand me: true tactics are not only useful but can be lifesavers. Suffice to say it is not the legitimate tactical [Read More…]

image logo-axelson-tactical-new 339586 ButstockTourniquetHolders-10-600x600 Capture 431_large_image Capture m12tacticoozy1a IMG_3202 bth-part-key-hol1911_1_mark vMtvV7i Capture Hoguear15 img_2235 Cindy Dietz and Jeff Axelson with the Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle XDG9401BHC_RA Capture Capture Socom Tactical .177 Caliber Air Rifle   Gamo USA IMG_5875 Darkangel_900_BIG_02 custom1 ARAK21-1024x576 14-60050-308-win-185gr-juggernaut-otm-tactical-box Pic1 Capture evo-3-s1-pistol-sbr-kit-922r-max-slowik Fuck off BROWE-BTO-1 sti_40s 2014-11-26 17_40_20-Interview & Shooting_ Jim Sullivan, AR-15 Designer - YouTube