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Has “The Silencing” Begun? The Marine Corps Experimenting by Suppressing an Entire Battalion

On the defense side, sound suppressors have been relegated to special roles ever since their invention. Used to give stealth to special operatives, assassins, and direct action teams, silencers have been valuable tools, but not central fixtures in normal military [Read More…]

IMG_4140 ATF-Logo-With-Guns group-bore-rods_1 Credit: UOfMHealth.com Credit: http://americansuppressorassociation.com/blog/ MPX BRACE suppressed kiosk 13442348_10154277122719233_4024460122958614114_n SUREFIRE VS OSS TFB 10571954_627934330651027_5582660869286517996_o hinge-man-open-sm TMtitle gemtech_alpine22_9765_ao PHOTO_20160522_122125 image image IA silencerco_logo_vertical

New SilencerCo Threaded Barrels for Glock

In the latest addition to their #FightTheNoise campaign SilencerCo has expanded their line of threaded barrels. The two new additions are made for the Glock 22 and 23, both of which are .40 S&W pistols. The new barrels join a group of eight pistol barrels currently [Read More…]

dead_air_ak_can_featured-670x446 12961732_10154181196905337_8764301455513453961_n AMTAC CMR-30 Photo courtesy of www.vdmsr.com CMR 2 Capture Capture Wilson-Combat-WCR-22-Rimfire-Suppressor-3-661x496 engel1 33-1024x683 ASA_STICKERS_3x3Color_030714 suppressor_cover ASA_TAXSTAMP_FB_102115 Capture

B&T At B&T Police & Military Day 2015

TFB friend Lionel attended the recent B&T Police & Military Day 2015 event, and covered some of the products exhibited there. The host, Swiss company B&T (formerly Brügger & Thomet AG), of course brought a large number of products to show off. Lionel [Read More…]

unnamed 41b558ba-35c6-4125-b48e-38f5e5545dd0 pisonkit_1024x1024 Sig-Sauer-Silencers Capture