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A British Army soldier provides overwatch with his L129A1 rifle in Afghanistan. Image source: reddit AR15-5 f-1-firearms-bdr-10-3g-billet-matched-receiver-set-bdr-10-3g-by-f-1-firearms-0ae 0120161506e2 24101010499_85921bf6ee_o2 Berger-264-Caliber-130-Grain-AR-Hybrid-OTM-Tactical 261cbe04-88ef-4214-8a70-c780ed967d90 Slide11

Thoughts on the SEAL Snipers

DOD Buzz has some thoughts on the weapon platform used by the SEAL Snipers who took out the pirates: And let’s not get carried away with the sea state, says DT contributor Joe Buff. A multi-thousand ton destroyer is a pretty stable platform in any but the most [Read More…]


Sniping Pirates

The captain held in a lifeboat by pirates off the coast of Somalia has been rescued by the US Navy after snipers took out his captors. CNN reports: U.S. Navy snipers fatally shot three pirates holding an American cargo-ship captain hostage after seeing that one of the [Read More…]