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crx ord 042 KIDD - 660x400 McFaddenloader SteyrScoutRFR-660x235 IMG_4323 image Capture shootnspin image image Credit: Brandon Bertolli Traditions Ruger Takedown Lite 13082661_1030285523716266_7684967234335390729_n WCR1 remington-m16a-standard-22-rem-auto_src_1 Fab Defense 10/22 Chassis 0119161637b Volquartsen Wilson-Combat-WCR-22-Rimfire-Suppressor-3-661x496 HK416 Pistol

H&K 416 .22LR Pistol

I recently acquired this Umarex H&K 416 pistol. For only $299 from CDNN, it is a bargain for a Pistol AR in 22LR. Originally the HK416 pistol comes with a faux suppressor muzzle device and a rear end cap on the lower receiver that has a QD sling fitting.Aside from [Read More…]

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A17 pic 2

Savage A17 Semi Auto .17HMR

Savage is coming out with a semi-auto 17 HMR rifle called the A17. According to Savage’s video, the problem with an auto loader rimfire is timing when dealing with higher pressure magnum loads like the 17HMR. Savage solved this by using a delayed blowback bolt to [Read More…]


Why Does .22LR Misfire?

.22Plinkster talks about the 4 scenarios that could cause a misfire in a rimfire gun. This first three reasons are pretty straightforward. A bad firing pin due to dry firing, Ammunition quality, and ammo longevity. The fourth reason is rather interesting and may be [Read More…]

musical targets

Musical Targets

Stand tall and stand proud America. Earlier we posted a video of a shooter playing some Beethoven on some steel targets. Well now comes Musical Targets. Here is a great reason to have high capacity magazines. So you can play music while exercising your freedom. You can [Read More…]

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BLK SOLO Single Rings

BLK Technologies has introduced a new range of rimfire and airgun mounts and bases. Each of the SOLO series rings are being sold individually rather than in pairs so you can mix and match them for your gun/optic combination. The SOLO ring range includes offset rings, [Read More…]

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