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The Modern Civilian PDW Reborn? BreachBangClear Slings a Glock, and It’s Somehow Not Terrible

The National Firearms Act really is a drag. Thanks to its legal restrictions on short barreled rifles, some of the lightest and handiest classes of firearms are substantially restricted from common ownership in the US. The police carbine (semiautomatic short barreled [Read More…]

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New SilencerCo Threaded Barrels for Glock

In the latest addition to their #FightTheNoise campaign SilencerCo has expanded their line of threaded barrels. The two new additions are made for the Glock 22 and 23, both of which are .40 S&W pistols. The new barrels join a group of eight pistol barrels currently [Read More…]

Nomad_pistol_2 Photo courtesy of www.vdmsr.com silencer guide image HK45c with Octane 45 lr42982

The Poor Man’s SAW: Using A SlideFire Stock For More Than Fun

The SlideFire stock is an idea that pushes the boundaries of what the ATF considers acceptable for a Title I firearm. Without diving into the world of the National Firearms Act, a Slide-Fire stock is the closest you can get to a fully automatic weapon of your very own. [Read More…]


BREAKING: IWI Recalls Galil ACE Pistols Due To Full Auto Receivers

IWI USA has issued a recall for their newly released Galil ACE pistols due to the presence of a pin hole for a full auto sear. AKs with this pin hole have long been considered by the ATF to be machine guns, making this a major mistake on the part of IWI that runs afoul [Read More…]

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Steampunk Gatling Gun

I am not typically a fan of steampunk, but will gladly make and exception for this little wonder. YouTube user Alex Smyth has created a steam punk gatling based off of a 10/22. The a steam only powers the rotary barrels (for ATF compliance reasons), but it reaches an [Read More…]