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12095006_10153585695736181_4269429636414831676_o ATNg1NgnI-Y 401748e75090e9e3d7a5841741d888c5 4 Image from National Helm, of some troopers with Army Strike Force 72 and their new Beryl rifles (from the first shipment). oetB61Y Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 20.41.54 Heckler-Koch-mg5 De_Reffye IMG_6684 tumblr_mqphzqKTX41s57vgxo1_1280 The Q22SMG2 .22 LR caliber submachine gun...World s Fastest .22 LR SMG    YouTube 2015-04-26 14_06_48-A glimpse at the Stoner 63 - YouTube m50m63 MG14z Ajax armor pKfAJEh MG-1-033-28

Making a Gardner Gun

The Gardner Gun is one of an entire generation of all-but-forgotten* manually operated proto-machine guns. GunLab has begun a series of posts documenting the effort of one Papa Joe (who receives a regular mention there) to reconstruct a Gardner Gun from scratch. Since [Read More…]