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PEO_M4_Carbine_RAS_M68_CCO Weaponeer-DA-ST-91-03745 IMG_4504 Capture 525744_10151626857737536_573661703_n Shooting in Kuwait The 5.56mm alongside two of its .17 caliber variants. Center, the 4.32x45mm Frankford Arsenal, Right, the German 4.3x45mm DAG. Various 5.56mm rounds, left to right: 55gr M193, 55gr French ball, M855 (made in Korea), Mk. 262 Mod. 1, Mk. 318, M855A1 Capture yeIBMz5 The author's Colt 6920 AR-15, which has given him years of reliable service over thousands of rounds of ammunition fired.

Meet the “Black Rifle”: An Introduction to the AR-15

It’s no good to discuss how firearms work without also giving the context surrounding the firearms themselves. With that said, let’s talk about the AR-15, its copycats, competitors, and relatives. Together these rifles share space under the loose umbrella [Read More…]

m4a1 carbine STEM-162 1435084463

Top 5 AR15 Alternatives… That Failed

For decades now, companies have tried to release firearms to dethrone the mighty M16/AR15 rifle. While some attempts have been more successful than others (some enjoying even moderate success), all the ones on this list have fizzled out or seem to be losing most, if not all factory support. While [Read More…]

Pictured: A "No Assault Rifle Zone". Machine carbines, avtomats, and automatic rifles are still welcome. Thanks to Othais for the sweet graphic.

Top 5 Rifles That Changed The World

Some firearms have had such a great impact on global events that their very silhouette is synonymous with global events. This is a list of 5 truly revolutionary firearms that have helped shape the world as we know it today. Please remember to subscribe to our humble channel! Every subscriber helps! [Read More…]

HOGUE5 XEM16E1 GM AR Lower M16BurstDisconnector M14-Postcard-Download Capture m16-cutaway-101 m16a1 carbine patrol gear OIF (1)
Odd M16 barrel

Strange MILF Guns

The Daily Mail has published a few interesting photos of guns used by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF … who did you think the title referred to?) in the Philippines. One of the guns, an M16, caught the eye of a TFB reader. The barrel is a little strange, [Read More…]