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Upgraded SIG M400 Predator

SIG Sauer featured a wide variety of firearms at their own range event the Monday that kicked off SHOT Show 2016. Among those guns was the SIG M400 Predator, a rifle that was originally debuted in 2013 but has now been upgraded. The SIG M400 Predator comes chambered in [Read More…]

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New: TrackingPoint 300HO

Hunting feral hogs isn’t just fun, it’s a necessary task for landowners and many hunters. Hogs can do some serious damage to property, destroying crops, rooting up large plots of land, and generally wreaking havoc. They offer a few challenges that differ [Read More…]

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PSA: Be aware of your target

Of course, the full extent of that statement is “Be aware of your Target, and what lies beyond and in between”. This applies to all shooting activities, from tactical shooting, to plinking, and in this case to hunting. In a recent NBC report, a stray round [Read More…]

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