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7.62x39mm170gr FTW-Hunter-R

Bush Pilot Survival Kit

Whether you’re a bush pilot, a hunter, or simply an outdoors aficionado, you should have a good quality survival kit. When you picture that kit in your mind you undoubtedly envision a first aid kit complete with tourniquet and HALO Seals with a side of knives and [Read More…]

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Firearms Food for Thought: Positioning Shooting Prone

In order to be a successful long-range shooter you must take a number of factors into consideration. From windage to optics to understanding the capabilities and limitations of your caliber of choice and everything in between, you’d better have it all covered. Of [Read More…]

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New: TrackingPoint 300HO

Hunting feral hogs isn’t just fun, it’s a necessary task for landowners and many hunters. Hogs can do some serious damage to property, destroying crops, rooting up large plots of land, and generally wreaking havoc. They offer a few challenges that differ [Read More…]

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PSA: Be aware of your target

Of course, the full extent of that statement is “Be aware of your Target, and what lies beyond and in between”. This applies to all shooting activities, from tactical shooting, to plinking, and in this case to hunting. In a recent NBC report, a stray round [Read More…]

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