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GO-Magnet Gun Magnets miniscabbard Black Arch LCP II Holster top[336] COMPTAC1 desantisnemesis IDPA Revolver Holster Telor Tactical 2277835 ankles1 A 16th-century pistol holster from Tbilisi, Georgia. Satin-stitch embroidery with gold and silver thread on velvet, silk and cotton. 32X13 cm. Art Museum of Georgia, Tbilisi WARNING1 Elite Photo Bag Ultimag AKR30 with a pull tab attached to the bottom for extraction from chest rigs

[SHOT 2016] A plethora of cool new things at Mako Group/FAB Defense

I was making my way to another appointment at SHOT when the Mako Group/FAB Defense booth caught my eye.  The first thing I checked out was their new “Scorpus” line of holsters, made of glass-reinforced polymer.  These are a retention holster that indexes [Read More…]

galco1 The Holster that started it all. unnamed

New Lasers, Weapon Lights and Red Dot Sights from Kinetic Concealment

You make a good number of friends over the years in the gun industry. One of those friends, Josh Sykes, not only works in the marketing end of the industry but has a company of his own named Kinetic Concealment. Up until now Josh has been designing and making holsters [Read More…]

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