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M27 DM role, front sights ditched, and other Marine Corps News

Two articles recently came out in the Marine Corps Times (which has absolutely no affiliation or endorsement by the USMC) concerning a variety of small arms related topics. The first one is a sort of M27 qualification that some Twenty Nine Palms battalions participated [Read More…]

Bungee holster

Bungee Holster

I thought this might be a joke. But sadly it is not. Bungee Holster is a hair scrunchie made a little bit longer and is used to strap a pistol to your belt. Now Bungee Holster does address safety with regards to using this holster. He recommends that you do not [Read More…]


[SHOT 2016] Bad Company Tactical firearms retention system

Toby Mellville of Bad Company Tactical was out at SHOT with his rifle and handgun rapid retention systems on hand. These systems have been out for a while now, but this was the first time I had heard of them. Unlike some of these kydex “M4 holsters” out on [Read More…]

IMG_5448 galco1 Inside band Urban Carry eb84eec3-5a66-4792-9537-8e9a5bfdd051 desantis1 alien2 Abdo With CCH3 grip, HC11 holster, and Surefire X400 Sidecar store_1685182149-original