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70d90466066020a2541789cd6c524bc8 A British Army soldier provides overwatch with his L129A1 rifle in Afghanistan. Image source: reddit bKY7h brazil Hk 417 10291099_619534298138977_6936403550902934290_n hk-g28-dmr06

H&K G28 DMR Photos

762PR Defence PR borrowed a Heckler & Koch G28, the Bundeswehr’s new Designated Marksman Rifle, from a local dealer for a photo shoot they were doing for one of their clients. The photos of are beautiful, as is the rifle … I had [Read More…]


H&K417 (HK762A1) Impressions

I shot the new consumer 7.62mm HK762A1 (H&K417) for the first time at Media Day. There were so many people queuing to shoot it I only got to shoot about 7 rounds. I fired those 7 rounds off as fast as possible (as I usually do) and it felt good. It is heavy, like [Read More…]