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The “Fire Cobra”

Editor’s note: This article was written by Claymore. His previous blog posts can be read here. A while back I was talking with a friend who was employed by one of our government’s many “agencies”. As usual we eventually got around to discussing [Read More…]

staple gun firearm K-441 (1) cusotm EOTEch smg Capture DSC_0103

The TOFYJ-30 Project

A very prominent member of the /k/ weapons board (anonymous forum) sadly passed away recently. In tribute to his friend, a member of /k/ is designing a rifle that can be built entirely of handtools. His design is a straight–pull tactical-looking rifle which can be [Read More…]

BBkOUIX china ar15 reciever

The Shot Towers Of Africa

Yesterday Steve wrote about the Shot Towers of the USA, Europe and Australia. Today I will tell you about how shotgun ammunition is made in African villages. In most of Nigeria, we all come from one village or the other.. Of course, with schooling and work, we mostly [Read More…]