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Experimentation, use, and variants of the Russian AKS74U

Earlier on TFB we covered the origins of the name Krinkov, and the fascinating etymology of the word from Afghan Mujahdeen fighters, to the gun markets of Dharra, and then on to how we use it today via “Krink”. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the [Read More…]

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Resurgence 3-Gun, reawakening the original

In what is looking to be a real blast from the past, a group of individuals are putting together something called Resurgence 3-Gun. It is a 3 gun competition, but the similarity with current 3 gun competitions is where it ends. Unbeknownst to me, the sport of 3 Gun as [Read More…]

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Skeet on Ice!

This video came out in March of 2015, but is really a hoot of sorts to watch. Two women in Canada combine their love of skeet shooting and hockey, in addition to a very well choreographed drone camera, and create an excellent video of them hitting clay pigeons while [Read More…]

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To Dummy, or not to Dummy

Obviously I’m not asking the reader if they are a dummy. The topic of this article is about Dummies, Snap Caps, and other assorted types of simulated non firing ammunition. Dummies are an extremely important tool when used correctly. Unfortunately I don’t think they [Read More…]

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