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Painting With Gunpowder

This video about a Chinese artist who “paints” with gunpowder (blackpowder) is worth watching. As usual, when linking to a Vice.com video, I have to point out that a lot of what is said in the video is total nonsense. Gunpowder is not natural, unless [Read More…]

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Can you identify this AK

A reader emailed me a scan of a photograph in a recent issue of the Economist. He asked if I could identify the rifle being held by an Indonesian soldier. I quite certain that the rifle is a 5.56mm chambered Norinco Type 84, but the Type 84 is supposed to be a civilian [Read More…]


Mysterious Chinese Shotguns

Mr. Max Popenker shared this fascinating photo with me of two unknown Chinese, possibly prototype, shotguns. The top shotgun is fed from a box magazine and is select fire 🙂 It really like the sleek, almost H&K, styling. The bottom gun has multi-magazine feed [Read More…]


Chinese soldiers reject shotgun

While being light on details, Strategy Page reports that the Chinese PLA has decided not to expand its arsenal of shotguns, considering them a riot control weapon rather than a combat weapon. The Chinese police and army shotgun is the Norinco / Hawk Industries [Read More…]