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What Makes A Bolt Action Rifle Great?

There are many factors to consider before shelling out your hard earned cash on a bolt action rifle, and in this video we go through a few characteristics that we feel are desirable. As some of the least restricted firearms in the world, people in almost any country can obtain a bolt gun and while [Read More…]

tumblr_mj3ki5Elwa1rxw0zuo3_1280 B&T SPR300 Bottle 2 431_large_image markv_accumark MPA-BA-Chassis-Competition-1 mosin1 The new Browning AB3.

Winchester Model 70 Safari Express

For dangerous game hunters, a reliable rifle is a must; having your rifle fail when a triceratops or other African game is charging you is simply not an option. Enter the Winchester Model 70 Safari Express, built on the pre-’64 action with its claw extractor for [Read More…]