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Diamondback DB15 PR

New from Diamondback is the DB15 PR pistol with a Cerakote Finish. The company does not seem to publish the MSRP so I cannot tell you the cost. From the press release … The new .223/5.56 DB15 pistol based off of Diamondback’s A3 Flattop forged 7075 T6 [Read More…]

OMNI HYBRID Stripped Lower P1040112


A TFB reader was shooting reloaded ammunition at the range when his AR-15 blew apart. The case head failed and the escaping gas split the upper receiver in two and blasted all it components out. Fortunately he was uninjured. As always, be very careful when reloading!


Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail II

Daniel Defense has a new lightweight rail for the AR platform called the AR14 Lite Rail II. It is retailing from $339 – $399 depending on the size. The press release is below … Daniel Defense, Inc. has unveiled the latest advancement in rail systems for the [Read More…]

burma photo 1 surefire 100 round china ar15 reciever
captured m4

A Georgian Bushmaster M4

After the Russia-Georgia War of 2008, which if you recall lasted just over a week, the Russian military proudly displayed the remains of Bushmaster M4 rifles that they captured and destroyed. The M4 rifles has been part of a military aid package from the US Government. [Read More…]