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SIDefense-5.56-Ambi-Set-1 IMG_8717 erathr3-m-lok-handguard-e3h1-by-erathr3-094 bad-ti-block 11109432_476621695824937_4364594516182367655_o 4378051842_8e8bba51b9_b adk-arms-trigger-ar

ADK Arms Budget Priced AR Trigger

A smooth light weight trigger can make a big difference, it’s usually what I upgrade first with all my ARs. Check out this budget friendly replacement trigger from ADK Arms. They’re currently running a special on their new trigger at just $59.99. The [Read More…]

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Lego Brick AR Stock

As a fan of Lego and firearms I am not sure if it is a good idea to make a hybrid of both. Alloutdoor posted this the other day. Feinstein Gewehr Werke, LLC, is a plastic brick kit manufacturer. They make the Mk8 stock for milspec buffer tubes. The kit costs $40 plus [Read More…]

ffb6aaf5afe6804c088edca2926ce2cc Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 10.37.08 PM A US Army Ordnance engineer fires the prototype T47 rifle on fully automatic. Note the grimace of the man as he wrestles with the small arms equivalent of a fire hose. Image source: firearmsworld.net, original source LIFE magazine IMG_5127 working-Aimpoint-Fire-web-670x412 vs-1 Milsport Arms Skeletonized 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver 3d-printed-ar-handguard MOE_SL_001 7.62mm M198 Duplex, far left, along with its single bullet counterpart, the  XM256E1 Low Recoil round, and sectioned examples of each. Image from Ray Meketa's collection. ucwrg11.5bcm