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Kalashnikov opens store at Moscow Airport. Can you just imagine the Outrage if they opened at a western Airport?

The Sheremetyevo International Airport is Moscow’s and Russia’s largest airport, with about 31 million passengers yearly. Here the famous Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov just opened a brand and accessories shop. The Kalashnikov Concern shop will sells [Read More…]

image image image Pokemon 72L_CL067 AK Cleaning System wovlerine 0000274_akmag dead_air_ak_can_featured-670x446 CRH-Custom-Triangle-Stock npap-warsaw-ak47-stock2 ak-mag-mod 61q3LQqVtjL._SL1000_ Released hammer Ultimag AKR30 with a pull tab attached to the bottom for extraction from chest rigs

[SHOT 2016] A plethora of cool new things at Mako Group/FAB Defense

I was making my way to another appointment at SHOT when the Mako Group/FAB Defense booth caught my eye.  The first thing I checked out was their new “Scorpus” line of holsters, made of glass-reinforced polymer.  These are a retention holster that indexes [Read More…]

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Top 5 Rifles That Changed The World

Some firearms have had such a great impact on global events that their very silhouette is synonymous with global events. This is a list of 5 truly revolutionary firearms that have helped shape the world as we know it today. Please remember to subscribe to our humble channel! Every subscriber helps! [Read More…]

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Accessory Review: Arsenal SM-13 Quick Release Scope Mount for Universal AK Side Rail

Optic mounting on an AK is problematic for two reasons: one, the platform is not ideally designed for optics mounting.  Second, when an AK operator does decide to shoehorn glass onto this six-decade-old design, there are actually many good options for solid mounting [Read More…]