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IMG_20150307_181452 2A3BE9C700000578-3149576-image-a-56_1436042777895 0001_134 Capture battlefield vegas rebranding-the-ak-47-a-weapon-of-peace-1433194364 Capture 2015-05-14 21_11_28-Store AKMag-004 guns-weapons_00380349 q9PZypj RD_01 2015-04-20 00_25_47-Bad and Good - RAS47 Review - American made AK - YouTube Capture The author's SO fires the SLR-104FR from the bench, using a dollar pack of bedsheets as a support. Capture 2015-04-14 04_18_04-Definitive Arms AKX-9 - YouTube slide1
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UTG AK Stock Kit

UTG/Leapers announced they are now selling an AR-style stock with adapter for stamped AK-style rifles. The kit includes an aluminum extension tube with a permanently attached stamped AK receiver adapter. The adjustable stock has six different length adjustments. [Read More…]