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K-47 Cleaning Kit - 660x420 Malyuk - 660x370 IMG_8795

Full Auto Controllability, Continued: How Do We Define Useful Fully Automatic Fire?

Previously, we talked about the word “controllability”, and what it means in relation to the recoil and ergonomic characteristics of a firearm. If you haven’t already read that article, I recommend you click the link here and do so first, as this post [Read More…]

Phoenix Technology AK sight - 660x420 FAB453JPG Ak-47-iraqis

6 Reasons the AK-47 Is the Most Reliable Rifle in the World: A Guide to Kalashnikov’s Magic for Aspiring Gun Designers, Part I

Today we know the Kalashnikov family of rifles as one of the most successful and reliable weapon families ever designed. Even as the rifle’s legend has begun to be peeled back, the weapon’s reputation for reliability is still largely unquestioned, and many [Read More…]

jt-grips USPALM_AK30R_Range_Magazine_A-575x575 AK-47/74 rifles, RPK style Barrels, molot vepr, AK-47, AK-74, RIFLES 14310376_824426224361109_7440786938901476328_o image CMCTriggers-new-AK-Trigger RSC1917 kwkSpvH Beryl 13263845_1721303204811728_4965724648641324010_n simplesling CkF5Cfw ks47right1000 7743707_orig Capture sFzE2GV Xc39raM unnamed (6)

InRange TV Gives An AK-47 A Mud Bath – The Results May Surprise You

OK, so with the clickbait title out of the way, we’ve seen how the M1 Garand and the AK-derived Galil ACE fare in mud, but what about the legendarily reliable AK itself? Well, Ian and Karl’s recent round of mud testing continues, and next in line is Mikhail [Read More…]


IV8888 Shoots A Vepr AK To Failure

Gun blogger superstar Eric of the Iraqveteran8888 YouTube channel is happy to once again get behind a rifle going cyclic until failure. This time, Eric’s victim is a Vepr 7.62×39 AK rifle made by Molot and modified by Copper Custom. Those who watch these [Read More…]

Pictured: A "No Assault Rifle Zone". Machine carbines, avtomats, and automatic rifles are still welcome. Thanks to Othais for the sweet graphic. BuildAKV1_Catalog_Apple CMC-AK ak-elf PSA-AK47-buildkits ddi1 SLR-107FR Capture2 AK cards

AK47 ID Playing Cards

Gunwebsites has a kickstarter to fund making identification playing cards, similar to the old aircraft identification playing cards, but with AK style rifles printed on them. If you are interested in supporting them, you can go to their kickstarter page.

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Magpul MOE AK Stock

Magpul just released their new MOE AK Stock for AK-47 and AK-74 variant rifles. It features an internal storage compartment, QD sling swivel mount, shock absorbing butt-pad and has the option for various height cheek risers. It’s compatible with AK rifles with [Read More…]

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