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miniscabbard Ruger LCP II barrel riflng Kahr1 P1015729
women 380

Women Review four .380 pistols

On Legally Armed America, three ladies shoot and review four .380 acp pistols. They look at a Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard, Colt XSP Mustang and the Glock 42. Not surprisingly, the S&W Bodyguard was the least liked out of the four handguns. I have met many people [Read More…]

SIG P238 Black Pearl

SIG P238 Black Pearl

SIG Sauer is showing a new version of the P238 called the Black Pearl.  It features a polished and engraved slide plus custom wood grips.  The Black Pearl is outfitted with SIGLITE night sights. Like other P238 pistols, the gun is a SAO pistol with a manual thumb [Read More…]

P290 Nitron

SIG Sauer P290 RS in .380 ACP

For the new year, SIG Sauer will introduce a new caliber to the P290 RS line: the .380 ACP.  Other than the caliber, the new .380 guns will be very similar to the existing 9mm P290 RS pistols: double-action-only, hammer fired and on a polymer frame. The guns will come [Read More…]

The new Kahr CW380

Kahr CW380

At the 2013 Media Day I had the chance to put my hands on the new Kahr CW380, (Model #CW3833).  The CW380 is a nice compact handgun developed to fill the void in the CW series of pistols for the .380 caliber cartridge.  Previously Kahr had made the CW9 and CW40 in [Read More…]