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BREAKING: Court Rules H&K NOT AT FAULT for G36 Rifle Controversy; Owes German Gov’t No Compensation

In the ongoing controversy about the G36 assault rifle, German gunmaker Heckler & Koch have won a major victory against the German federal government, as the Koblenz court where the company’s lawsuit against the government was tried ruled that the company was [Read More…]

Capture The lead-free M855A1 5.56mm cartridge.

BREAKING NEWS: Liberty Ammunition LOSES M855A1 EPR Appeals Lawsuit in Federal Claims Court, US Army CLEARED

The United States government has won a major firearms-related victory in Federal appeals court today, regarding claims of patent infringement by Liberty Ammunition, LLC. Liberty had claimed that the US Army’s M855A1 EPR and M80A1 EPR projectiles infringed on its [Read More…]

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Metal Storm Collapse Leads To Multi- Million-Dollar Lawsuit

Australian company Metal Storm, home of the eponymous electrically-fired sequential-firing high rate of fire concept, became insolvent and was placed under administration in 2012, but the fallout is ongoing, and could become considerable. Financial Review reports: A [Read More…]

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Things that look like Glocks

Being the generous person I am, I decided to take it upon myself to do some pro bono work for Glock’s legal team and find other non-gun products that infringe on their trademark. All of these products feature Glock’s trademarked “blocky and squared-off [Read More…]