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Vicker's Glock 17 AwfWPfk IMGP4955-001 img1 Larry-Vickers-doesnt-get-recognised-at-Ruger-booth-hits-back-on-social-media-e1453424940877 book

Vickers Guide 1911

This new book by Larry Vickers and James Rupley is a coffee table book that’s a testament to one of the most popular handguns in the United States for the past 100 years. Larry describes the influence the 1911 has had on him throughout his adult life as well as [Read More…]

20151017_141232 Vektor

Vektor CR-21 Bullpup

Larry Vickers got his hands on a rather rare firearm. The Vektor CR-21. It is a bullpup kit for the South African Military to convert their Galils. According to Larry Vickers, there are only two of these in the USA and he mentions that there is a rumor that less than [Read More…]

Capture Glock 20 tactv_commercial_screencap 2015-06-22 21_53_40-Bren 10 - YouTube 2015-05-17 19_17_31-Inside AK 74 - YouTube Capture Larry Vickers, retired U.S. Army Delta force combat veteran.
Vickers TV

Vickers Tactical YouTube Show

Yesterday Larry Vicker’s announced his Vickers Tactical YouTube show. They are focusing on the viewers and making their content as user friendly and available across multiple platforms as possible. I am eager to see what he comes out with.