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POTD: Budget Keymod Handguard

Battle Gear posted this image on their Facebook page. I am guessing it is an April Fool’s joke. The holes in the angled iron looks a lot like Keymod slots. I am curious if the handguard is actually functional and if it would survive firing the AR.

Chaos Rails ssm_mlokvskeymod FB_IMG_1451152290547 DSC_0512 50-dollar-keymod qbz97_keymod_0 P5260005 Graphite Grey mp5-kmod-handguard-front

Armalite M-15 Line

Guns and Holsters shares a little more detail about Armalite’s new M-15 line. We had mentioned Armalite’s new AR-10 pistol. As well as the Luth-AR stock partnership. Well according to Guns and Holsters, some of the new M-15s will be chambered in .223 Wylde. [Read More…]

mi-keymod-tavor-rail cover BCM-twistygrip-TFB