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Colt flashlight Colt Delta Elite Rail 10mm 1911

New Colt Delta Elite Rail 10mm 1911

In addition to bringing back the exciting Cobra revolver, Colt also has added a few more semi-auto pistols to the line-up in the form of 1911s. In this day and age of many and varied 1911 manufacturers It only make good sense that Colt should expand the 1911 line. The [Read More…]

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M16A2E3 Experimental Rear Sight

Have you ever seen an M16 like this before? Look closely. Right below the detachable carry handle’s rear knob, there is a piece of metal on the side of the upper receiver. Weird right? Well it is actually an experimental rear folding sight. It folds down flat and [Read More…]

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TFB’s Rifle (And Subgun) Weight Omnibus – How Heavy is Your Rifle? (Part 1 of 3)

In October, I traveled out to see my co-writer Alex C. to collect data on the weights of different long guns and some of their components. Over that weekend, I weighed 58 rifles and submachine guns, and numerous magazines, bolts, bolt carriers, and other miscellaneous [Read More…]

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B&T At B&T Police & Military Day 2015

TFB friend Lionel attended the recent B&T Police & Military Day 2015 event, and covered some of the products exhibited there. The host, Swiss company B&T (formerly Brügger & Thomet AG), of course brought a large number of products to show off. Lionel [Read More…]

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Who Wants To Work For Colt?

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!  Colt is currently hiring in many areas of the business including engineering, supervisory and procurement, amongst others. We’re continuing our strategic effort to attract the very best executives and associates,” said Stephen Welford, Director [Read More…]