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Russian Belt-Fed Pistol

Unknown belt-fed pistol. Anyone read Cyrillic? Looks like it is a 7.62mm and possibly 20rd belt? I think the hook protruding out the back might be the charging handle? Is this pistol semi auto or manually actuated? Perhaps it is like a revolver and the trigger advances [Read More…]

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Russian Army to Replace PKM Machine Guns With PKP “Pecheneg” Automatic Rifles

The Russian Army will be upgrading its automatic infantry support weapons soon. The legacy 7.65x54mmR PKM belt-fed general purpose machine gun will be supplanted in the dismounted role by the PKP “Pecheneg” automatic rifle designed at the end of the 20th [Read More…]

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12 ga Belt Fed AR Upper

Sure there were some people trying to convert AR10s to shoot 12ga. Then there are the AR style 12ga shotguns. Now someone has made a beltfed AR upper that shoots 12ga shotgun shells. Just need to iron out the kinks.

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