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USMC unveils small arms Modernization intentions

It’s nothing new to hear about various plans or queries from the USMC into future small arms programs, but the Marine Corps Times (which actually isn’t associated with the Marine Corps at all) has come out with an article illustrating some of the points [Read More…]

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Small Arms of Furious 7

Ever since the movie came out in theaters, I’ve been waiting to buy it and take copious amounts of screen shots in order to make this post. Well, the movie was released on the 15th to the general public for paid download, you can go buy it yourself here at Google [Read More…]

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 6.52.38 AM 1 Lehigh_Defense_Xtreme_Penetrator_Technolofy_ammo-250 Scorpion loader Bullet Bracelet 2 Spartan_0_red_W-300x200 6777985d0997fba03c81cc13809cfc50 06191514592 0826151644e wILSON2 155533c0989do90gnvz99d munição lago paranoá 17AG02015_2 cq2TAVp n5OyHqG a53a2b73c1764e22b796316b82543a2b beretta_m9_commercial_by_golgogs8-d5sg086 Laugo 7 Fury Shield m9-fires-1200x800 pistolet-lebedeva-14-kalashnikov-concern-pl-14-lebedev-pistol Image from Smith & Wesson Forums. Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 1.05.03 AM keltec 1 DSC_4486s bianchi1 Grand Power 105 m9pistol-army

HK USP9 Tactical

Caleb Giddings over at Gun Nuts Media posted this today. A lot of people are over the moon with the VP9 and now the HK P30SK. But off to the side HK has updated the USP9. Now there is a USP9 tactical model available. Here is the product info card. The enhanced USP9 [Read More…]

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New POF 9mm Pistol

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) is teasing a new 9mm pistol that should be released in the coming months. The gun is called the Patriot Sub Gun, or PSG for short. The new guns are AR-styled pistols that use Colt 9mm stick magazines. All controls are said to be completely [Read More…]

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