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USFA M4-410 Pistol

I would be hard not to feel bad-ass carrying the new USFA M4-410 pistol. The .410/45 Long Colt revolver features a short 2″ barrel and a large mean-looking birdcage-style flashhider. No word on pricing. [ Many thanks to Jacob for emailing us the link. ]  


Rossi Rio Grande now in .45-70 and .410

The Rossi Rio Grande lever action rifle is now available chambered in .45-70 and .410 shotshell. The .45-70′s magazine holds six rounds and the .410 holds five. The rifles have a 20″ barrel and weigh 5.8 lbs. The MSRP $536 – $583.  


Tacti-cool M6

William gave his M6 survival .22 / .410 rifle / shotgun a tactical makeover. The original M6 was a military weapon so the above gun is really just taking it back to its roots 😉