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New 1911 From Turnbull

Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co., the founder of which, Doug Turnbull, was recently Man of the Year by Bullet Magazine, has announced a new 1911 Commander Heritage Pistol. The new gun will be a part of the company’s BBQ line and will, of course, be [Read More…]

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Viet Cong 1911 bring back

A 1911 enthusiast in Virginia recently had a buddy ask him if he could work on his 1911 for him. The buddy’s relative had brought back a 1911 from Vietnam. This is the resulting encounter- Well he brings over this gem and the first thing I tell him is … Well [Read More…]

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Top 5 Service Pistols

A wiser man than us once said, “The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down”. This however doesn’t mean that pistols do not have their niches and fill roles where a long gun is too cumbersome or unnecessary. In this installment of [Read More…]

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Museums at Normandy

Part of my trip to the UK took my to Le Havre, France. Being so close, I had to go to Normandy and see Omaha Beach. I went to the Normandy American Cemetary. The visitor center has a wonderful exhibit with a few firearms inside. Springfield M1. German [Read More…]