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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 2: Selfloading Rifles, Cont’d [GUEST POST]

The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make [Read More…]

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Lightning Review: Sticky Holster LG-2 for Glock 19 (and Other Pistols) – The Best “Universal” Holster There Is?

The Glock 19, along with its close clones and equivalents, is in my opinion the ideal “universal” civilian pistol. Small enough to carry concealed, but large enough to shoot well, the Glock can serve equally well as an every day carry gun or as a home [Read More…]

IMG_3664 image Wilson Combat image Ultralight Carry Commander 1911-ar15-grip image Ed Brown Alpha pix333010084 Capture PHOTO_20160628_002920

Taking a Closer Look at the Cycle: Firing (Operating Systems 201)

In the first post of the 101 level series on firearms operating systems, we briefly described what the word cycle means in terms of the operation of automatic firearms. However, there’s a lot more to the cycle of an automatic firearm than just the completion of [Read More…]

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Top 5 Guns With Cult Followings

Some guns just seem to attract the most ravenous fanboys. These fanatics collaborate and overtime form cult-like cells within the community of firearm enthusiasts. In this video we explore five firearms that have developed a fan base akin to cults, often bordering on outright religious behavior.

Ed Brown 1911 Colt Defender Black & Blue Colt 1911 1111151514badjusted Colt Delta Elite 5p0gm9 PHOTO_20160522_131919 13239130_10209716928541577_9197597801468529344_n 1911_a Woodpecker Ridge - May 24, 1945