Ruger GunSite Scout Rifle

The Ruger GunSite Scount rifle was very nice to shoot. I love the Scout Concept and this is a Scout done well and relatively cheaply. If you decide you don’t like the scout-scope, standard Ruger rings attached to the normal palce.

Email bankruptcy

I have accumulated a terrible level of email/inbox debt. There are over 300 emails needing a reply. I have no choice but to declare ‘email bankruptcy’. This means that if you have emailed me and expect a reply, you probably won’t get one. This applies [Read More…]


I am going to SHOT Show!

I am really excited to announce that I am able to attend SHOT this year. I only bought my plane ticket a couple of days ago You can look forward to some great SHOT Show coverage on the blog next week. To wet your appetite, here is some unpublished photos from last year [Read More…]


SIG SAUER 522 Commando

JayG was the first person to publish a photo of the SIG SAUER 522 Commando, a soon-to-be-launch .22 LR rifle from SIG. The rifle features a carbine length barrel, faux suppressor, quad rails, “classic” stock and forend grip. UPDATE: I have just been informed [Read More…]

Changes to SHOT Show in 2012

SHOT Show ’11, which kicks off next week, is going to be smaller (in terms of exhibitor space) than last year because SHOT-goers complained about the lack of space. It was very crowded last year. Next year it is set to be even smaller. A draw for floor space will [Read More…]


Kel-Tec KSG Stripped

Tobias, of Kel-Tec, emailed me this photo of the Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun stripped down. I can’t wait to get my hands on this gun! [ Many thanks to Tobias for emailing me the photo. ]


Hellenic Army’s HK G3A4

The latest video by TFB reader Aegeanhawk shows Hellenic Army National Guardsmen firing a pretty cool H&K G3A4 packed with a EOTech sight, forend rails (Br├╝gger & Thomet rails?), bipod and foregrip. The setup looks really good.