Beretta ARX160 in 7.62x39mm

While other manufactures call their new assault rifle designs milti-caliber, but don’t produce them in anything other than 5.56mm, Beretta is shipping a 7.62x39mm version of their Beretta ARX160. It is one sexy rifle (I really like the Beretta style). This rifle [Read More…]

Healthy debate

One of the things I love about TFB is the healthy debates that do not end up in pointless flame wars. I would say only half the commenters in my post about LaRue agreed with me, but only a few attacked me instead of attacking my arguments. A good and healthy debate. [Read More…]


Artsy Zip Guns

Every so often I get an email from a conceptual artist who is obsessed with the artistic merit of putting a gun on display. Rarely do they exhibit beautiful guns, but instead poorly made, badly modified or kitschy blinged out guns. My theory is that eventually [Read More…]


How not to carry your rifle

Carrying an AR-15 around by the magazine is only asking for problems. Photo caption … Sgt. Bashir, a platoon sergeant with Afghan National Army’s 6th Kandak, 3rd Brigade, 203rd Corps, greets a farmer during a U.S.-Afghan clearing operation in southern Ghazni [Read More…]

MP 44 / StG 44 Blueprints

Below are blueprints for the German MP 44 / StG 44 rifle. You can download them here. Does anyone know what it would cost to have these blueprints converted into a CAD model and animated, like this animation for example. [ Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for [Read More…]


FNS 9 Competition Announced

FMH USA has announced that sometime in the first of second quarter of 2013, they plan on selling a competition version of the FNS 9 pistol. I am not sure why they are announcing it almost a year early. “The new FNS-9 Competition handgun will feature a five inch [Read More…]


Punt Gun

A reader emailed us this photo of a punt gun his father gave him. Lucky guy, I would love to own one of these monsters!  


Treeby Chain Gun

The Treeby gun was a muzzleloader with 14 chambers in a chain. The create a seal between the chamber and the barrel, the barrel was rotated forward and back. It is not hard to see why only two were made. It looks like the gun could easily have been fired without the [Read More…]

Selecting a Field Rifle Cartridge

Western Shooting Journal has published an article on choosing a field rifle cartridge … Now that we know we don’t want a recoil monster that toasts barrels while firing expensive ammo out of low capacity magazines how do we find what is a good choice? Many long [Read More…]


Nifty Rubber Band Gun

It always pains me to see the amazing replica guns designed by engineers in Asia. Can you imagine the awesome guns that would be on the market if they were free to design (and export) real guns? Rocket News reports … ZumA2 is a steel cabinetmaker living in [Read More…]