Can you identify this rifle

This recent photo was taken in Uganda and shows Ugandan Army officers and a “consultant” who calls himself “Captain Barak”. Can you identify the rifles they are inspecting? The reader who emailed me the photo thought they may be H&K PSGs. ( I [Read More…]


Taurus 22PLY and 25PLY

Taurus has produced polymer versions of their tiny tip-barrel mouse guns. The Taurus 22PLY and 25PLY in polymer frames make the already light guns into super-light guns weighing only 10.8 oz. Both models feature a blowback action and tip-up barrel design for the added [Read More…]


Cav Arms IP Sold

In September I blogged that Cav Arms were selling their IP and equipment. AR-15 reports that they have found a buyer. Hopefully CAV-15 lowers will go on sale again.


El Salvador also to buy Galil Ace

El Salvador is the latest country to add the ACE to its arsenal. With its new IWI Galil Ace, Israel is fast becoming the premier AK vendor. This is just wild speculation, but I wonder if South Africa is taking a look at the ACE. They licensed the Galil ARM and SAR back [Read More…]


CZ 75 Legend

CZ has announced a limited edition CZ 75 pistol called the CZ 75 Legend to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Česká zbrojovka a. s. in Uherský Brod. 525 of these pistols will be manufactured.

I am back!

I am back and survived the wilderness (or maybe it was the wilderness that survived me). With the exception of the rain, which is not much fun when you are in a tent, I had a great time. While I was away a few new guns were announced and I will be blogging about them [Read More…]


Chiappa Rhino Revolver .40 S&W

The latest Rhino revolver is chambered in .40 S&W. It is used with full-moon clips to hold the rimless .40 S&W rounds. Caliber: .40 S&W Moon Clips: Five come with each revolver Barrel Lengths: 2, 4, 5 and 6-inch Basic weight: 25-ounces with a 4-inch barrel [Read More…]


ERGO Z Float Rail Review

*[ This guest post was written by Timothy Yan ]* Falcon Industries’ ERGO Z Float Rail series has a unique 2-piece design that it can be installed without taking the barrel off. This handguard is great for those AR owners that don’t own any gunsmith tool and those [Read More…]


Ruger American Rifle

Later this month Ruger will enter yet another product category. Until now they have neglected the budget bolt action market, preferring to sell mid-range and high-end rifles instead. The Ruger American Rifle is budget-priced with a MSRP of $449. The rifle features [Read More…]


Ruger SR22 .22 Pistol

Ruger has just announced a new .22 chambered plinker / tactical trainer pistol. This gun completes Ruger’s line of pistol, they now have a pistol for every occasion. Unlike its centerfire cousins, the SR9 and SR40, it is a single action with an exposed hammer, not [Read More…]