Double Barrel AR-15

Israeli firm Silver Shadow are said to be debuting a double barreled AR-15 next month in Paris at the Eurosatory expo. [ Many thanks to John for emailing us the photo and info. ]


HS Produkt VHS Rifle

I really like the design of the VHS and would love to own one. Firearms Guide made this (long) video about the rifle … I like that the grenade launcher replaces the lower handguard, keeping the gun compact. [ Many thanks to Vicario for emailing us the video. ]


The $100,000 Titanium AR

NEMO Arms made a .308 AR-10-style rifle out of titanium. The upper, lower, handguard, buffer tube, gas block and compensator are all titanium. They are selling the [TI]ONE for $95,904. [ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]


LEGO Heavy Weapons

The “working” Lego guns featured in the new LEGO Heavy Weapons book are amazing. I love the shotgun and Enfield. The book is written by a 17 year old! It is selling for $24.95 at NoStrach. Use coupon code ARMORY and get 30 percent off.


AO-46 Personal Defense Weapon

Sven emailed us this beautiful photo of the AO-46 Personal Defense Weapon. The Personal Defense Weapon was designed by Peter Andreevich Tkachev, the same engineer who developed the balanced recoil system used in the AK-107. Its most striking feature is that the [Read More…]