Baikal MP153 Shotgun Review

American Rifleman has reviewed the Baikal MP153 semi-automatic shotgun. They write … Another catch was when loading the magazine. On the range we found that loading the shells into the magazine was not a smooth process. They tended to catch about the time the [Read More…]


Queen Elizabeth II firing a British L85

This old photo of Queen Elizabeth II firing a British Army L85 has been making the rounds online. She would have been in her 70s when that photo was taken, so I will forgive her for not actually shouldering the gun. [Hat Tip: HappyToSurvive]


Borchardt C-93

The Borchardt C-93 is a fascinating firearm. It is said to be the first semi-automatic pistol that was mass produced. Different sources give different numbers for how many were produced, but none that I have seen give a number greater than 3,000. A reader emailed us [Read More…]


Ammunition Packaging Idea

The cover album of Life Cycles from metalcore band The World Alive shows a medicine tablet bottle containing a small-caliber handgun rounds. I think an oversized faux medicine bottle, or even a tablet box with rounds packaged in aluminum foil blister packs, would make [Read More…]


Shooting while Sea Sick

The USMC is running experiments to see how well Marines can perform certain tasks, including shooting, whilst sea sick during an amphibious assult. Marine Times reports … Can you fire your rifle while puking? Inquiring minds at the Naval Surface Warfare Center [Read More…]


Makes me want to cry

Jordan, Jesse, Go!, a Canadian comedy podcast (correct me if I am wrong, I never heard of them before), launched a IndieGoGo (Kickstarter-like site) project to raise funds to buy Canadian Pentathlon competitor Donna Vakalis a laser gun for the 2012 Olympic games. In [Read More…]


MagPod v2 Prototype Review

[ Written by Nathan B ] When I first saw the announcement of the MagPod, the thought that ran through my head was, “Oh great, another gimmick product for the AR that won’t really provide much benefit.” Recently, I got the chance to put that thought under fire, so [Read More…]


14.9mm SOP Rifle & Cartridge

The 14.9mm SOP is an incredible extra long range rifle project that a number of people at Snipers Hide have been collaborating on. The huge rifle fires a very long and heavy projectile with a high ballistic coefficient giving it extreme accuracy. It has 0.5 MOA accuracy [Read More…]


Tactical Revolver in Germany

This photo was taken yesterday in Hamburg, Germany when the MEK (Mobiles Einsatzkommando / Mobile Tactical Squad) raided a bar after one patron killed another. What I find is interesting is a revolver being used by one of the leading officers. It is not often you see [Read More…]


Dual Gas Piston / DGI Patent

Jason Jackson has received a patent (#8,176,837) for a AR-15 gas system that can be switched from piston-mode to direct impingement-mode by the operator. The piston itself is the gas tube. By adjusting the system, the piston can be locked in place and opened up to allow [Read More…]