IWI MegaGun Jericho

The IWI MegaGun is a new carbine kit for the Jericho. Carbine kits are popular in Israel were few private individuals are allowed to own multiple guns or long guns.


Intratec TEC-22 Makes The News

A political scandal broke out in Mexico today when a photograph of a young congressional candidate posing with a firearm was published on Facebook. The politics of this is far outside the scope of TFB, but what I do find interesting is the gun itself. The Mexican press [Read More…]


EOTEch XPS2 Zombie Stopper

Not one to pass up an opportunity to sell more optics, EOTech is selling a Zombie-themed version of their XPS2 holographic sight complete with Biohazard-styled reticle. Only $559. [ Many thanks to James for emailing us the link. ]

More on Gun Safes

Jay G has just written an article for Shooting Illustrated on choosing a gun safe. Budget is really the limiting factor when choosing a safe, with selections ranging from less than $100 to the “wow, do they still buy kidneys?” range. A simple locked metal box for a [Read More…]


NZDF Adopts Benelli M3

The New Zealand Defense Force is adopting the Benelli M3 after trialling them for the past few years. The M3 is a dual mode firearm that can be operated manually as a pump action or semi-automatically with Benelli’s famous inertia recoil system. The pump action is [Read More…]


Taurus Zombie Responder

Taurus has joined the zombie craze with a zombified version of the Raging Judge Magnum. The can chamber .454 Casull, .45 Colt and 2.5″/3″ .410 shotshells. [ Many thanks to Nature223 for emailing us the link. ]


Blackhawk SERPA Holster recall

Gear Scout reports that Blackhakwk is recalling the light bearing version of their SERPA Level 3 holsters made before October 11, 2011. Blackhawk is recalling the light bearing version of their SERPA Level 3 holsters made before October 11, 2011. They tell us that users [Read More…]


Weird Gun / Trophy Art

The following artwork is by Peter Gronquist from his “The Evolution Will Be Fabulous” collection … Not something I would put in my house, but pretty nifty. [ Many thanks to Erik for emailing us the link. ]


Orsis Armory Factory Tour

English Russia has a collection of photos taken at Orsis Armory plant where they make the Orsis T-5000 Rifle. They say that they plan on making Dragunov-style semi-automatics in the near future. [ Many thanks to mrsatyre for emailing us the link. ]