SKB Shotguns

A new line of SKB Shotguns will be available in 2014, to include the IS300 Semi Auto in Field and Target configurations, Century III Single Barrel Trap, Model 90TSS Target O/U series, and the Model 590 Field O/U series. The Side by Side shotguns will include the Model 200 and 250 Field series and the 200HR Sporting Clay Model.


  • fishstar9

    Dose anyone know anything about the new line of SKB shotguns. I am looking at the 90TSS. I know it has an adjustable comb and butt plate.The wood look real good. I like the
    30 inch O/U

  • Vincent

    Would seem they are making some of the old SKB designs in a plant in Turkey run by by Akdas or Huglu/Akus. ( On the SKB website, I noticed they were using the same exploded parts diagrams as older models and I purchased some parts for my older 20ga. 280E – the parts fit and were made plenty well. 90TSS looks like its MSRP is $1750.