Forbes Rifle LLC

Forbes Rifle LLC is bringing together highly efficient precision machining and production with the quality and craftsmanship of custom gun manufacturing, to offer the fit, finish, and performance you expect, at a price you could never have imagined.


  • G K Price

    I’ve been a huge fan of Melvin Forbes and his ultra light rifles for a long time – I was keenly following the new “forbes production rifle” and was literally hovering on an order when I stumbled upon this blog and the “announcement” that the “trigger pack has been changed! don’t worry it’s still the forbes approved Timney trigger but you don’t have to be bothered with a third function to open the bolt” (or some utter NONSENSE like that) and instantly I was NOT interested any longer ! You guys want to make “another” Remington 700 rifle ? be my guest but I’ve had enough of “hunting” rifles that leave you with an open bolt and empty magazine when least expected – You WERE onto to a good thing but, typical of today’s “generic hunting rifle designers” you put “CHEAP” and “liability” in front of what makes sense