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Smoking Shotgun

This video was originally from an episode of 60 Minutes. It was documenting the use of marijuana from Vietnam soldiers. I am more concerned about the fact that these soldiers are pointing shotguns at each others’ faces. The pipe appears to function like a chamber [Read More…]

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UTS-15 Neptune

UTAS-USA and Davidson’s are now selling a new version of the UTS-15 shotgun with the Kryptek Neptune finish. If you are not familiar with the UTS-15, it is a pump action shotgun that has a 14+1 capacity. It is available with various barrel lengths, though short [Read More…]

Clay showdown

Clay Thrower Shotgun Duel

Philip Thorrold is an extreme shotgun shooter. He shot clays from his Ferrari while a driver did doughuts. In this video, he has three clay launchers aimed at himself and he has to shoot the clays before they hit him. It looks like the clays are coated in something. You [Read More…]

MICULEK1 High grade Remington 870,100 and model 700. Just look at that hand engraving and gorgeous wood!

Shooting Clays From A Ferrari

Shooting firearms from moving vehicles is always a challenge. The Shooter needs to learn how to lead or lag the target in order to get a successful hit. Now add the difficulty of shooting not only a moving target but an aerial target. Compounded by the fact that you [Read More…]

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