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Load 8 & Shoot 8 Shotgun Challenge

Keith Garcia posted this video on July 21. He is practicing with his Benelli M2 which has been modified by Taran Tactical. He loads 8 and shoots 8 shots in 4.92 secs. I just received a new Benelli M2 from Taran Butler at TTI. He did his quad load package on it and [Read More…]

DSC_1087 Y-man's Mathilda [Mossberg 500A] Legacy_Sports_Escort_Youth_20_GA_Semi-Auto_Shotgun Adam colonial1 368220_v1 Benelli M2 Slug 4 Capture trulock1 86ea3066224c3cc6d9dfd75809c767c3_original _LGY1717

Khan Arms A-TAC Force DUO-SYS

The new A-TAC Force DUO-SYS shotgun from Turkish manufacturer Khan Arms debuted at IDEF 2015 in Istanbul. The Khan DUO-SYS 12 gauge action allows the user to alternate between pump/action mode and semi-automatic mode, this is of most use to law enforcement who might [Read More…]

Spas12_7 P6080076 SXP Field-Compact Pump Shotgun guinness-world-record-dave-miller-cz-usa