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Photo credit to Adam Bettcher, Jordan, MN.

Review:Lights, Sights, Lasers Course Overview

Recently, myself and three friends attended a course taught by Wes Doss called Lights, Sights, and Lasers Tour in Wabash, Indiana. We’ve blogged about the course before on TFB but this will be an in depth review of the course materials covered and the courses of [Read More…]

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M1941 Johnson Field Strip

The M1941 Johnson Rifle is a strange footnote in US firearms history. Melvin Johnson was a lawyer by trade who decided to break into firearms design by founding the Johnson Automatics company. While his rifle would never see the success enjoyed by the M1 Garand, several M1941s did make their way [Read More…]

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Top 5 Guns With Strange Features

Some firearms are straight-up bizarre, but some are relatively conventional yet employ an odd feature or two. In this episode of TFBTV, we take a look at 5 firearms that incorporate a bizarre feature that isn’t generally found on other guns. Firearms featured: Galil G41(M) Valmet M76 Arisaka [Read More…]

Paris shield MNT_MB500T_APP_2 rsc19171 Capture Screen shot 2015-11-16 at 11.02.32 PM 12247864_1153194264708798_5269851677062494448_o American Tactical Mil-Sport 9mm AR-15 Carbine DSCF2531 Capture