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image (2) .50 caliber machine guns seized in Rio de Janeiro. This image is taken from an expired user entry on Armslist.

Maglula magazine loader

This invention is several months old but is notable because I’ve never seen it until now. It’s a box like device made by Maglula where you place an AR15 30 round magazine inside, and load up 30 rounds in the loader and the contraption automatically loads [Read More…]

1 14352849554_b5c15b390b_o (2) 01494 Capture Billet Rifle Systems Ghost Gun mossberg mvp GSG-5 as imported by ATI before H&K sued them and GSG. Capture scotch rifle pistol knife
uzi pro

UZI PRO Mud Test

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) recently posted a video of them running the current version of the UZI PRO through some mud torture testing. I recognize that any promotional video can be edited down to just the parts that make the gun look good, it is nonetheless [Read More…]

scout-rifle-390x362 Beretta 92FS © brandon edgar allen

Nifty Gun Art

As many of you know, I love gun art, especially gun photography. Toronto based photographer Brandon Edgar Allen has photographed a number of guns using lasers as the light source (a technique known as light painting). The results look amazing. Brandon is offering the [Read More…]

Remington 597 FLX IPSC-Rifle-13_resize (1) DSC_0259_zps72e0f94b Tavor_x95_full_auto_canada