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IMG_1290 IMG_1350 Shield CQS Red Dot Review

Shield CQS Red Dot Review

I’m a firm proponent of Micro red dot optics. They’re lightweight, unobtrusive, and provide an excellent aiming solution. I’ll use them on rifles, shotguns, handguns, doesn’t matter. I like the simple process of putting a dot on target and [Read More…]

The screw on the right hand of the trigger would allow you to completely disassemble the trigger. Its always covered when installed, so its not backing out. Still, recommend blue Loc-Tite. Fury photo P8060119 copy IMGP1508-001 IMG_2089 IMG_3365 CMMG Inc.

CMMG Announces New Mutant Models, The Mutant SBR, Mutant California Compliant Version And The Pistol TFB Just Reviewed

As you readers know Patrick just wrote a review of the new CMMG Mutant pistol. The other models which include the SBR with a 10 inch barrel as well as a California Compliant model. This is sure good news for those living in California. Heaven only knows what hoops they [Read More…]

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