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POTD: Nighthawk Wheel Gun Wednesday

Photo credit goes to @Metalhead_1 The Rolls Royce of revolvers [email protected] Mongoose 357 Magnum built by Korth, with a gorgeous @[email protected] Tachyon III Damascus blade at @otbfirearms, and my new @rvlvrwatch A7B Gun Metal watch. That is [Read More…]

POTD: Leg Gun

Reminiscent of Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror, this guy had a prosthesis made to look like an AR15. If you look closely at the AR15 styled prosthesis, it does not look like it is a real gun. 🔫😂💯 [email protected] via @codykaiju A post shared by ENDO [Read More…]

POTD: .17-50 BMG

Thanks Adam S. for sharing this. Adam gets some interesting customers at his work. One thing I miss about working behind the gun counter is the oddball stuff that comes in once in a while. One of Adam’s customers brought this in. One of my customers said he [Read More…]

POTD: Beretta Mod 102

Another of Keith’s gems in his machine shop. A target pistol Beretta Mod 102. It still has the original box  and papers. The barrel stay stationary and only the slide cycles rearward. It reminds me of the Neos and 87 Target. This is the predecessor. The large [Read More…]