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POTD: Lionheart LH9N

Lionheart Industries imports K5 pistols from S&T Daewoo, The LH9 is the American version of the k5. It has similar styling to a Sig pistol but it has a Double Action + system. You rack the slide and flip the safety on. Then manually push the hammer forward. Then [Read More…]

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POTD: AR180 Noir

Photo by @jim_guns. More Armalite 180 love. This AR180 is using a NoDak SPUD lower with a Nikon fixed power P223 3×32 scope. The black background is eye catching due to the lighting. I was told it is a trashbag.

IMG_6193 14360119_1654770421502726_8790982681140658176_n 34f1ci0

POTD: Beltfed Cozy Case

This photo shows what looks like a Ares Shrike AR broken down in a custom insert violin case. Notice the ammo belt nicely stowed in its own compartment. The velvet lined cut out looks very plush for this belt fed weapon. Just make sure the gun has cooled down before [Read More…]

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POTD: Pumpkin Glock 19

While I was pulling up some information on the Glock 19 for the review we just posted, I stumbled across this monstrosity. The pumpkin pie Glock looks to be a rather well abused Gen 3 gun with one of the worst stipple jobs I have ever seen, or are those teeth marks? To [Read More…]

14516332_10100819949731488_2346189254536589224_n M1911A1 Copy of ONYX-2016-24 14446003_311337822556261_6101516357332928882_n Copy of F01A1092_resize Saiga comp 14359134_971139082995890_2890277932027097865_n 14333713_971219069654558_3750877312413681904_n 14333696_10206993298446621_7068749269913233323_n mjyTCdf Brian Brake

POTD: Fire Breathing Muzzle Brake

Here is a photo of my friend Brian M. at the recent 2016 FN 3Gun Match. He made the muzzle brake himself. I just happened to capture the right moment and the muzzle flash. He is engaging some paper targets at about 20 yards using a Sig Romeo 3 red dot sight.  

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